2022 CBC Project Team Awards

Higher Education (Large)


University of Connecticut Athletic District Development

Storrs, CT

The project included the construction of a 4,212-seat competition soccer and lacrosse stadium, a 1,363 seat competition baseball stadium, a 528-seat competition softball stadium, shared practice fieldsand a 75,000 SF connected performance buildingfor the University of Connecticut’s nationally recognized teams.To support the venues, infrastructure upgrades were necessary on two major roadways on campus.The primary challenge of the project was the phasing and site logistic planning that was needed in order to complete the work to meet the athletic schedule and the COVID-19 pandemic.Key to its successful completion was the teamwork, communication, and proper planning.

Daniel O'Connell's Sons

*(Submitting Firm)

University of Connecticut - University Planning, Design & Construction (Owner)

Newman Architects


Gerber Construction, Inc.

Atelier Ten

BVH Integrated Services*

Wayne J Griffin Electric

Schenectady Steel

Ferguson Mechanical Co., Inc.

RDG Planning & Design

P&D Mechanical, Inc.

EDI Landscape, LLC

Wayne J Griffin Electric

Jaffe Holden

National Office Furniture

Musco Sports Lighting, LLC

Philip R. Sherman

Professional Drywall

McPhee Electric, Ltd

Cherry Hill Glass Co., Inc.

MacKenzie Service Corp

Desco Professional Builders, Inc

Horizon Engineering

Shepard Steel Co., Inc.

Philip R. Sherman

Cherry Hill Glass Co., Inc.

Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America | Agent: The Watts Company

Dalene Flooring

Gerber Construction, Inc.

Cherry Hill Glass Co., Inc.

Atelier Ten

Horizon Engineering


MT Ford Industries, Inc.


Dalene Flooring

*Indicates CT CBC Member

Photography Credit:

Daniel O'Connell's Sons, Newman Architects, Robert Benson Photography, Graham Hebel Photography


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