2018 CBC Project Team Awards (PTA) Call for Entries

  • Fri, March 16, 2018
  • online


  • For Project Teams with no CBC members.
    PTA Applicant Firms may join CBC NOW and submit their entry at the member rate of $250 and your firm’s membership will extend to June 30 next year!

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2018 CBC 22nd Annual
Project Team Awards

Call For Entries
Deadline Extended to: Friday, March 16, 2018, Midnight

Click on the screenshot above to learn more about the CBC 2018 Call for Entries from CBC President Nate Whetten, Freeman Companies, and President-Elect and 2018 PTA Co-Chair Amar Shamas, Gilbane Building Company


Digital Cloud Entries – No More Notebooks or Paper!

And, updated Landscape Architecture/Public Spaces Category

Be sure to register and pay online in advance. You will be sent a link and instructions to upload your entry.

The Connecticut Building Congress is looking for outstanding building projects that exemplify project team excellence and represent the best practices in teamwork by project owners, architects, engineers, constructors, tradespeople, suppliers and service providers. Each year, CBC recognizes projects whose team members have met or surpassed goals and achieved higher project quality through this close collaboration.  

Eligibility: (Eligibility period is 2 years time to allow for more complete project photography and project metrics)

The construction project must be located in Connecticut and have been substantially completed, as defined by the contract, between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2017.

Judging Criteria:

A panel of judges has been selected from a broad spectrum of project team members: owners, architects, engineers and constructors. Projects will be judged on the following criteria:

•     Documented team cooperation and collaboration from conceptual design through project completion. This is a project team award, so crediting all team members contributes to your score (Please include one contact from each project team company in the Project Team Spreadsheet). (60%)

•     Team’s approach to the project’s unique challenges (20%)

•     Meeting the owner’s budget and schedule constraints (10%)

•     Project’s social, economic or sustainable design considerations (10%)

Categories: UPDATED CATEGORY FOR 2018!:

Based on the judges’ grading, the winning project in each of the seven categories will receive the CBC Project Team Award. An Award of Merit will be presented to the second place project in each category. CBC reserves the right to not award a First Place and/or Award of Merit in any category.

•     Extraordinary Residential (above $2 million construction cost)

•     K-12 Schools - New or Renovations (any size - exclusive category for K-12 school projects)

•     Landscape Architecture / Public Spaces (any size)  UPDATED FOR 2018!

•     Major Renovations / Expansions (above $10 million construction cost)

•     New Construction (above $10 million construction cost)

•     Small Projects – New or Renovations (under $10 million construction cost)

•     Transportation / Utilities / Civil (any size)

  Entry Fee: 

$250 for entries if Primary Applicant Firm is a CBC member.

$350 for entries with at least one CBC member on the Project Team.

$500 for non-members Applicant Firms may join CBC (paid in full at time of award submittal) and submit their entry at the member rate of $250 and your firm’s membership will extend to June 30, 2019!

Payment options: Register to Enter online. Pay online or by check, payable to Connecticut Building Congress, PO Box 107, Rocky Hill, CT  06067. Once registered, you will receive within 24 hours an email with a link to the cloud folder to upload your submittal.


•     Entry Deadline Midnight, Thursday, March 15, 2018

•     Winners notified and posted to website – Friday, April 27, 2018 (Note the Project Team of the Year will not be announced until the Awards Banquet.)

•     Early Bird Sponsorship and Ad orders; Extra Plaque Orders Deadline – Friday, May 18, 2018

•     Regular Sponsorship and Ads Deadline – Friday, May 25, 2018

•     Registration for PTA Awards Banquet – Monday, June 4, 2018 Register to attend now!

•     Awards Presentation Banquet – Tuesday, June 12, 2018

  Submissions: NEW!! Electronic Cloud Submission ONLY!

Register to enter online. Once registered and PAID online, you will receive within 24 hours an email with a link to the cloud folder to upload your submittal. The 3-part submittal must be uploaded by midnight, Thursday, March 15, 2018. 

Submission Requirements:

Within 24 hours of registering online, you will receive an email with a link to upload your entry.  NOTE Failure to provide complete & accurate information may lead to disqualification. Entry fees will not be refunded. A complete submission includes three separate parts as detailed below to be uploaded by midnight, Thursday, March 22, 2018: (A) One PDF of the complete entry; (B) Three to Six Project Photos in both high and low resolution; and (C) an Excel Spreadsheet with contact information for one contact at each project team member firm/company

A.   One PDF of ENTRY containing the following documents
(IMPORTANT – Please DOWNLOAD the Official Entry Form and Photography Release Form in MS WORD or PDF format from below or PTA tab on the CBC website and include these completed and hand-signed pages in THE SINGLE PDF ENTRY for Part A)

·       An official entry form completed and hand-signed. NOTE NEW THIS YEAR. A $100 ADMINISTRATIVE FEE will be charged to change the project, firm, or owner name, (and only if time allows), as this information appears on the engraved awards, announcements, slideshows, program book, advertising, signage, etc.)

·       A hand-signed letter or official email from the owner granting permission to enter the project into the competition.

·       Project Teaming Summary describing in 100 words what makes your Project Team special. Note, this may be read at the Awards Banquet and/or appear in the Program Book announcing winners. Please include up to 25 words about the project and up to 75 words about how the team worked seamlessly together to the benefit of the project.

·       A narrative, not to exceed 2,000 words, explaining how the team members met the judging criteria explained above.

·       Three to six photos of the project, which may be included within the narrative or on separate pages within the PDF of the entry.

·       Hand-signed photography release form permitting use of all photographs provided.

·       Any additional information or supporting documentation may be included, up to a maximum of 6 pages single or double-sided.

B.    Project Photos Please provide separate files in both high and low resolution for each of the three to six project photos used in your submission (High Resolution Specs: TIF or JPG format, equivalent to 300 dpi at 8x10 finished size. Low Resolution Specs: Reduced image of same photos with maximum 2MB file size at 96 ppi resolution.) Note these photos may be used by CBC publicity purposes.

C.   Completed Project Team Contact Spreadsheet using Downloadable MS Excel format template Please download required template in CBCPTA2018_ProjectTeamMembersSpreadsheet.xlsx downloaded here, from below, or on the PTA tab on the CBC website. Please include contact information for one name at each firm/company (as it would appear on the award plaque), its overall project role (such as owner, architect, engineer of record, civil engineer, contractor, landscape architect, owner’s rep, materials testing, foundation contractor, steel supplier, etc.), phone and email from ALL project team member companies involved in the project. This is a project team award, so crediting all team members contributes your score! FAILURE to provide complete information in the format and fields requested MAY RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION. This information will be used to notify and congratulate the contact each project team member and encourage them to share the information with others in their company. The firm name will be listed in the program book and program slides. CBC members will be verbally acknowledged from the podium and will receive a complimentary award plaque. All team members will have opportunity to appear in complimentary team photo.


The CBC Project Team Awards will be presented at the Tuesday, June 12, 2018 Project Team Awards Banquet at The Bond Ballroom in Hartford, 5:30 – 8:30 pm. The winning APPLICANT FIRM will automatically be provided, at NO additional costs, TWO (2) Award Plaques: one plaque will be in the name of the Applicant Firm and the other in the name of the Project Owner or another Project Team Member, as indicated on the Entry Form.  ALL additional CBC MEMBER FIRMS on the winning Project Teams will automatically receive an Award Plaque at NO COST.

2. NONMEMBER FIRMS on winning teams MAY JOIN CBC AND RECEIVE A COMPLIMENTARY PLAQUE. Alternatively NONMEMBER Firms and CBC MEMBERS desiring ADDITIONAL award plaques may order them online, pre-paid only.

3. The PROJECT TEAM OF THE YEAR receives one complimentary trophy, which will identify the project team. Firms on the winning Project Team of the Year may order online, prepaid only, a trophy to proudly display in its office.


$150.00 if ordered by Friday, May 18, 2018 (These plaques should be available for pickup at the banquet.)

$185.00 if ordered between May 19 and July 31, 2018   (These plaques will be shipped in late August. Price includes special handling, packing and shipping.)

$295.00 Project Team of the Year Trophies (These trophies will be shipped in late August.)

  Sponsorship Opportunities: Early Bird Sponsor Deadline is Friday,
May 18, 2018 | Regular deadline Friday, May 25, 2018

Sponsorship opportunities and Program Book Advertising are available online.


2018 Project Team Awards (PTA) Call for Entries (MS Word or PDF)
2018 CBC PTA Entry form (MS Word or PDF)
2018 CBC PTA Project Team Member Spreadsheet (Must be CBC Template Excel format)
2018 CBC Photo Release (PDF)
2018 PTA Tips of the Month (PDF)
2018 CBC Sponsorship Form (PDF)


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